Club Facilities

The facilities of the Club have been progressively improved and the Anson Range Complex boasts an indoor range which can be set up to provide either 4 firing points shooting prone at 25 yards, or 4 firing points from a standing position at 20 yards. One of the latter is equipped with an automatic card changer and all four positions have facilities for turning targets to allow timed and rapid fire events to be held. For air rifle and pistol shooting, two of the firing points can be set to a range of 10 metres, one with auto-card change facilities. Since 2014, all 4 of the 20yd firing points have been fitted with auto card changers.

With National Lottery funding the club has also acquired a computerised training aid, which enables advanced analysis of a marksman’s aiming process, and a small number of pre-charged air rifles equipped with telescopic sights for use particularly by junior members.

The location also has two outdoor ranges, allowing shooting of small-bore weapons at 20yds, 25yds, 50yds, 50M and 100yds. The ranges, both indoor and outdoor, have MoD Safety Certification. The 100yd range is also equipped with a permanently fixed shooting table, ideal for Bench-rest competition use and for zeroing rifles. In 2011 the indoor range was improved and was granted a safety certificate by the Civilian Range Inspection Consultant to allow the use of lightweight centre-fire carbines, which commenced in January 2011.

Apart from the air-rifles, the club owns a number of small-bore target rifles, light weight sporting rifles and one gallery rifle, available for use by club members. In addition to these there are numerous sundries such as laser bore sighting equipment, spotting scopes, trigger weight measurement and testing devices plus shooting jackets, safety glasses, ear defenders, gloves and shooting mats. Indeed the club has everything that a beginner could possibly need to make a start in target shooting.

The ‘home’ of the Club is the Anson Range, near Duns Tew, named after Jim Anson, one of its founder members and a long time supporter. The club room provides a warm and comfortable area with light refreshments available at all times. The Club is also able to supply much of the ammunition requirements of its members.

The Club maintains affiliation to two of the sports national governing bodies, NSRA (National Small-bore Rifle Association) and NRA (National Rifle Association) and to our county association ORA (Oxfordshire Rifle Association), which is one of the oldest county associations in England. The Club is approved by the Home Office and for tax purposes the Club is a registered CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club).

Outdoor Range Firing Points